An Autumn Fire and Early Christmas views

A few weekends ago, I was lucky enough to come home once again and spend a bit more time relaxing and less time running around as I felt like I had last time. 

On a perfectly crisp, autumnal day, my family decided to pack a little lunch and venture out to my grandparents land. There aren’t very pretty colors in the woods at this time of year, but spending an afternoon near a autumn fire roasting turkey dogs and regular hot dogs seemed perfect. We were here to celebrate my grandmothers birthday a little early as my aunt from Minnesota was home for the weekend as well. We bundled up and made our way out to the woods. 
There’s always something nice about sitting around a campfire. Especially when it’s a bit chilly out. The sun popped in an out of clouds and the trees above swayed gently in the breeze, yet we felt protected somewhat from the wind. It felt really nice to be far away from town and away from school, just enjoying each others company. 
After filling our bellies, and sitting around the fire for a bit watching it slowly fade into the pit, we had a bit of fun tossing water onto the rocks around them. They were very hot and the water sizzled and steamed once it touched them. The girls (my aunt, mom, grandma, and I) parted from the boys (my step-dad and grandpa) and went downtown to go into a store that is very very christmas-y. 
Though it’s not even Thanksgiving here yet, it’s still exciting to look at all of the cute Christmas decor. This little shop was filled wall to wall with different decorations and trinkets. It made me very excited for the holidays. Which cannot seem to come soon enough!

This shop has different little rooms that flow into one another, so each has its own theme and variety of holiday decorations! It took a while to gaze at all of the things, we probably still missed a few! After, we decided to walk down to a little bakery to pick out some sweets. 
My favorite is their Peanut Butter Cupcake, as it has the BEST frosting you have probably ever tasted. Though that would have been my first grab, I opted for the smaller version because I was still a bit full from my lunch!

We also shared bites of this Turtle dessert (it’s my moms favorite) and had a nice little chat before heading off to our separate destinations. 
It’s always nice being home and spending time with family doing things I can’t always do while I’m away at University. I had a really nice weekend and I’m glad I got to spend it outside enjoying the weather before it really begins to snow and I won’t want to even leave my house. 

I hope you all had a great weekend, what did you do? 
Do you ever treat yourself to some dessert once in a while? 
What’s your favorite holiday decoration that you always put out during the season? 
(Mine’s a blue fish ornament that we always put on the tree!)
Leave a comment and let me know! 

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