Restaurant Review: Mona Lisa’s

A few posts ago, I wrote about how my University put on Family Weekend, and we had all gone out to dinner at this amazing restaurant. The minute we walked in from the cold autumn air, we were met with room filled with photos of the Mona Lisa, and chandeliers made from wine bottles hanging from the ceiling. Two disco balls sparkled above the bar, and it was clear by the amount of people that this place was a good choice. A vast variety of interpretations of Leonardo Da Vinci’s famous painting decorated the ceiling as well as the wall.

We were seating in a little corner of the restaurant which was spread between two rooms and we were served by the friendliest waitress, she told us that they always update their menu, creating new dishes about every two or three weeks. Which is fantastic if you ever want to go to a place and want to try something new with the comfort that you know it will still be really great food.
We devoured the delicious bread, that came with a selection of dipping choices. Olive butter, hummus and two types of oils. It was really great, and I’m sorry I don’t have a photo to show you all! I did however, take photos of the food! 
The dish on the left is mine, it was an elbow noodle with green sauce and veggies, while my mom opted for the mushroom ravioli. Both were very delicious. The sauce was incredible on mine, and my mom agreed that hers was great as well! I even had enough left for a little bit of leftovers to take to my dorm with me the next day. Which was good. The cafeteria isn’t opened on weekends. 

My stepdad raved that the scallops, like our waitress said, were amazing! Definitely one of our waitress’  favorite dishes along with my dads girlfriends choice of gnocchi. My stepdad eats out a lot because his work requires traveling, and he’s had a lot of scallops at nice places but he definitely stated over and over that these were the best. 
While there are many pasta choices to choose from, you can also have a nice tenderloin like my dad chose, with a side of beans and potatoes that come along with it. 

We all really enjoyed this meal and the owner even came over to introduce herself, Lisa is so kind and even stated that they’re opening a new place next door and there is a patio for summer seating, and also a fireplace for the winter. Though we haven’t tried a large number of places to eat, if you’re ever in Eau Claire Wisconsin, Mona Lisa’s should definitely be the one to go to. 
Also, I should point out that we weren’t even left with that uncomfortably full feeling, and it was great! The food tastes amazing and I cannot recommend it enough! 
What are your favorite Italian dishes?  Let me know in the comments! 
Have you found any new places to eat near you? I’d love to hear about it! 
Thanks for reading! 

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