What Alice Forgot: Book Review

I’ve finished a second book this year, though this took a bit longer than my over-the-summer book as I’m at University. This book is called “What Alice Forgot” and it’s by Liane Moriarty. The only reason I have actually finished this one is probably because it’s still the beginning of the semester and my pile of homework is actually manageable.Β 
Forgot Book
It’s also partially due to the weather, and I can walk the ten minutes to lower campus and sit down on the lawn while the sun is still bright and the air is still warm. This charming little book is cleverly written and very enjoyable. I was heartbroken when Alice was, I laughed when her friend called her a ‘silly sausage’ and I definitely wanted a taste of that Lemon Meringue pie. Liane writes so nicely, it was hard not to picture every part of the book. I thoroughly enjoyed it, and I think you would too. So I hope you give it a chance if you ever find it in your local bookstore! I’m really glad I picked it up off the “beach reads” section at Barnes and Nobel, and even though I didn’t read it at a beach (sadly), I got to enjoy it in the sunshine anyway!Β 
Are you enjoying any books right now? Hope you’re all having fantastic weeks! Make sure to tell me what you think of this or other books in the comments! I love to hear from you!Β 

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