Back To School: Round 3

It’s that time again, your favorite bloggers are all writing tips and tricks on moving away for uni or starting up school again in the first place. This time I’m back at the University I transferred to and here’s hoping that this semester is better than the last.

It’s nerve-wracking moving away from home, you’ve spent your whole summer with friends, and probably working and now you’re onto school, piles of books and heavy backpacks and who knows what you’re going to be eating?! 
I’ve already visited my favorite coffee shop once and ran to the store to buy a pack of pretzles. Who brings almond butter and nothing to eat it with? Me. 
I’m a few weeks into my schooling by now so I thought I would share photos of my dorm room and a few tips! 
Make your room “homey” If you see a decorative pillow at the store while out shopping for supplies, buy it. I got this owl one at Shopko and the London pillow was from a secondhand sale! 
Bring memories from home Photos are going to make your room feel more like you live there as opposed to just staying in that room for awhile. It’s also very helpful when you miss your pals and family back home. Everyone’s lives get busy and it’s hard to stay in touch…so…
Write letters! They don’t give you an address and mailbox for nothing! Use it. I love getting mail, and I love writing letters and sending them off, especially if the other person has no idea that they’re getting some mail. It’s a nice break from garbage mail anyway. 
Make sure to explore your campus. You’ll probably do this with the friends you meet around you, but if you need a break from studying, or from the stress, it’s a nice way to get out and see the campus and gain a clear mind!
That’s all I have for now, you’ll do great out there kids! 
I was so nervous coming to school this year as my roommate and I were/are strangers, but we’re getting to know each other and she’s from Japan! Which makes this all very interesting in learning about different cultures. Of course we have differences, but fingers crossed that it’ll all work out! I could probably write another post all about it at the end of the year perhaps.  If you’re wondering about Latte, he has assumed his previous location on top of my desk in my room. 
Thanks for reading, sorry if I disappear a bit, I’m probably out exploring new shops and places. I’ll keep you guys posted! Here’s hoping procrastination doesn’t hit any of us too hard…
If you’re back at school, what’s your favorite thing so far? Do you have a roommate? If you’re already done with schooling, what was your favorite subject? Let me know down in the comments! 

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  1. Your dorm room looks so cute! Writing letters is a lovely idea to keep in touch with people back home 🙂 Hope everything's better with the roomate haha
    My favourite thing in uni so far is my English class, my teacher is so nice and I'm so glad we don't study just grammar!
    Anna x


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