Historic Walks

You never know what your town has to offer. But do you ever wonder about the people that used to live there?
Way before you, years and years ago?
Recently, during my birthday weekend, after sleeping for ten hours because I was feeling poorly, my dad, his girlfriend and I went out on a little adventure.
When you’re ill it’s good to get out of the house, if you’re feeling up for it.
The weather was so nice out and I felt bad having to stay inside because I wasn’t feeling the best. So I decided to tag along.
We went to the Art Museum in my town, it sits on a steep hill and it’s in a beautiful building.

In the front is a large garden, filled with sculptures and statues.  The only time I was ever at the museum was when I took trips for school, therefore we hadn’t really had the chance to explore the gardens. 

This museum, is known for it’s “Birds in Arts” Pieces done by artists from different places and different eras. It was really neat seeing the different pieces, as I’m not extremely artistic, and I’m really impressed with anyone who can draw on such a great level!
I mostly loved the Owl pieces, as they’re my favorite birds. I could stare at them for hours! 
The paintings, drawings and sculptures were all great! 
After wandering around the museum for a bit, we had to make a decision, go home or go on a little drive. We decided on the drive and stopped at an island near the downtown portion of my town! 
It was so beautiful looking at the scenery in a part of town that I had never actually been to before. 
There’s a historic walk, with signs that tell the story of what happened around that area many years ago. 
It was gorgeous scenery, and it was very interesting to learn about the logging that happened on the rivers. 
The adventure also had me thinking about what people would be like back in the olden days, what would it be like with wagons pulling up to a shop, or a train rolling through town. 

After the walk, being a bit poorly yet, I was tired and ready to head home in hopes of taking a quick nap or even a nice hot bath. 

I hope you all are having great Septembers so far! 
Thanks for reading! 
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  1. Great post! I don't think I have ever been to the museum. Or at least it has been a REALLY REALLY long time ago. Thanks for writing!!


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