Easy Healthy Omelette!

I haven’t posted a recipe blog in awhile now, I’m sorry! This one is a two-for-one! 
Let’s just get straight to the point here. Eating healthy is difficult! The entire Summer, I’ve decided to tr my best at staying healthy and eating less sugar. Though it’s always a good thing to allow yourself to have a “cheat” day once in a while. Mine have usually happened during family events and other gatherings, I mean..you really can’t expect me to pass up that chocolate covered dessert can you?
 Recently, I had been left home alone. Meaning I would have to fend for myself and make my own dinner so I wanted to share what I made with you! I learned this recipe from my mom who actually made the omelets first, and ever since then I have fallen in love with them!
Being home alone, also meant I had to come up with something that would satisfy just one person! 

 You will Need: 
-2 eggs
-About a cup of diced peppers ( you can pick and choose which ones you like and dislike in the mix) 
-about a cup of diced onion
-Bacon bits (only if you want!) 
First, get out the peppers and onions and dice them, unless they’re already diced. You probably won’t use all of them if you’re using a whole one, again it depends on how many you’re making! I used frozen red and yellow peppers and frozen onions just because they had already been chopped up nicely into little squares for me! The green pepper as sliced so I cut a few into squares as well!
Put the pan on the stove top, first spray it with PAM or wipe it with margarine, it’ll be easier to clean at the end. 
Add in the peppers and onions
Once they start sizzling, add in the eggs ( you can choose whether or not you want the yolk or not, it’s good either way!) 
Then add in the bacon bits
A little salt, and as much pepper as you see fit. 
You can also add cheese! Which I did and it was great! 
I know it doesn’t look like much, but it was really filling for me! 

I was actually pretty proud of myself for making this by myself. I hate cracking eggs open but I did it anyway! 
I hope you give it a try! 

But wait! There’s more! 
I also had dessert! I have been loving making myself some smoothies this Summer, so I decided to listen to my sweet tooth and try something new! 
I used a banana, three scoops of Caramel Ice cream, and a handful of strawberries. 
It was delicious and perfect for the hot day outside! 

Do you have a favorite healthy recipe? What’s your favorite thing to bake? Do you have a favorite smoothie? 
I’m thinking of doing a separate smoothie-recipe/idea blog post, leave a comment if you like that idea!
Thanks for reading! See you next time!

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  1. I like eating omelettes and I like this recipe. That dessert looks delicious and I like that it has caramel ice-cream. Great post and keep up the good work.



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