First Year Wrap Up

  First I’ll start off by saying, I have written and rewritten this post so many times before deciding that it’s okay to send it out into the internet world for you all to lay your eyes on. Second, this is entirely my opinion based on my own experience, it does not and probably will not be the same as yours.

As many of you know, I have recently finished up my first year of college. A lot of people are asking “How did you find it?” “Was it fun?”
Let’s do a quick recap first shall we?

 The summer before my first year was incredible, I spent almost every weekend with my friends at their graduation parties, sitting around a fire until late at night. I took a trip to New York City, you can read the post about my favorite restaurant here. Before I knew it, it was time for school again. A lot of my friends who I had been hanging out with during the summer were packing up and moving away to four year universities. There were a few who decided not to go at all and take a year off to work.

 I had decided to go to a two year university. It was a good choice, save money, get acclimated to college life before throwing myself into completely unknown territory. My parents wouldn’t have to fret over me being so far away the first year. I still had expectations, as every student does during their first year. It’s a new school, you’ll meet a lot of people, make new friends. That sort of happened…but not really. I think I made one friend. It’s different going to a two year college where the majority live at home and commute to class and most of the students have grown up and just graduated high school with each other. 

The first semester was great, I didn’t have to wake up at 5am anymore, so that was really nice. The teachers were pleasant. Though I was not prepared for how long the homework would take. None of my friends really kept in touch by the time the second semester rolled around. We did get together during the holidays when everyone came home. They shared stories about their roommates and meals and events, me? I had no exciting tales to tell. Other than that one kid in Spanish class who told a girl she was “retarded” for asking a question. I was appalled. The thing with my friends coming back that put me off was that they would ask the generic, “How is your semester going?” and you’d tell them, but they would stop listening in the middle of it and move on. I felt I had been shrugged off for not going to a big university like they had, whether they had meant to do that or not.
The professors in college were alright, I mean I guess it’s the same with everything you get a good one and you can get a bad one. One teacher told me that I hadn’t done well on a previous test and that even if I tried I probably wouldn’t make it. The next day was the test, and I would like to point out I got a B on that one. I still felt upset that a teacher would say that. Don’t try, it won’t be good enough. Yea you get paid anyway. I told my advisor I have anxiety and she said “I don’t want you to feel anxious or freak out, but 80% of kids in this class don’t make it.” Yea okay thanks for the uplifting encouragement. I do want to say I really did like walking into class. I thought it was pretty. 
My school isn’t called “Park” it’s actually next to a big park!

I was excited about second semester, because after this one it’s summer! And who doesn’t love Summer? Unless you’re a vampire or something then I guess you wouldn’t like it. I had thoughts of “Why do I need college?” “What does a taking a test on factoring have to do with anything?” “When will I need to know how to do all of this fancy math stuff if my major isn’t anything to do with math?!” I don’t like math can you tell? I totally disagree that you need to spend time and money learning something you don’t need. Is it to make us more “rounded?” because if that’s it. Then what the hell was high school for?

I constantly had to remind myself that I’m doing this to study abroad. I have to do this to get a job, a good one and when I get a good job I can buy more dogs and I can live in England on a patch of green field and watch those dogs run around and have all the tea I want.

 The year ended with a sigh of relief that it was finally over. I know that this isn’t everyone’s same experience, and it’s totally unique to me. All of my friends, even some who stayed in town and went to the same school I did had a great time and met a lot of people. I am going off to a bigger University next semester and now I am only one step closer to getting to England. (and I cannot wait to write that blog post when the time comes!)
So with all of that being said, I really hope it goes much better than this year did. There will be blog posts about packing and moving and things that come with that later on.

Do any of you go to Uni/College? What was your first year like?
If you’re not in Uni/College and you’re worried about the fact that you can’t figure out something to study or major in…DO NOT worry. Try classes that you think look fun and I promise you’ll find something to do eventually.
Sorry this was so long. There will be more exciting blog posts because..ITS OFFICIALLY SUMMER FOR ME !!!!


p.s here’s a cute picture of Sadie just because. 


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  1. I'm glad you kept focused and motivated life really changes at this point, I'm 29 so kinda been there done that and yet life is in constant change mode, the only thing to do is embrace all the changes and have tons of fun, fit it in somewhere.

    Meg | Meghan Silva's Blog


  2. Hi! I'm happy you found a reason to keep going, a pretty good reason haha I wish I can live in England one day too!
    I kind of can relate to some of the things you said actually but it's fine now I guess. Anyway, hope next school year can be better! But now it's summer so just have fun haha
    Anna xx


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